Car Wash

Hanna Car Wash of Clinton Township Michigan, offers an extensive number of car wash packages & add-ons to fit your every need, starting at just $5. Serving customers in Macomb County, we currently offer the following packages for purchase in person or online. Get great discounts for yourself, or purchase as a gift.

Car Wash Packages

Express Car Wash:

We prep the car as needed, and you remain in your vehicle. Then we hand towel dry the vehicle to ensure the best possible finish. (Avg. 5 min)

Car Wash $5.00

Truck or Van $6.00

Exterior Car Wash:

Attendant will take the car through for you, prep the car as needed, wash, and hand towel dry the car – including the door jams and wheels/rims. (Avg. 5-10 min)

Exterior Car Wash $7.00

Exterior Truck or Van $8.00

Full Service Car Wash:

Includes Exterior wash, Vacuum seats/carpets and trunk upon request, clean inside windows, and wipe down the dash board and steering column. (Avg. 10-15 min)

Full Service Car Wash $15.00

Full Service Truck or Van $17.00

The Works:

Includes Full Service, wheel brite application for your wheels/rims, polish and sealant wax on the exterior of vehicle, and underbody flush. (Avg. 10-15 min)

The Works Car Wash $18.00

The Works Truck or Van $20.00

The Works Plus:

Includes The Works, tire brite application applied by hand, and air freshener which attendant sprays a refreshing and aromatic spray of your choice. (Avg. 10-15 min)

The Works Plus Car Wash $21.00

The Works Plus Truck or Van $23.00

The Works Plus w/Rain-X:

Includes The Works Plus along with Rain-X, (solution applied to outside of windows that causes rain/snow to bead up and simply roll off the windows without having to use windshield wipers as much). (Avg. 10-15 min)

The Works Plus Car Wash Rain-X $23.00

The Works Plus Truck or Van Wash Rain-X $25.00

Hand Wash:

Includes Full Service and attendant will take the vehicle for you, by hand wash the exterior, towel dry the vehicle, including door jams and wheel / rims to ensure the best possible finish.(Avg. 15-20 min)

Hand Car Wash $30.00

Hand Truck or Van Wash $35.00

Car Wash Add-Ons
Hanna also offers the following add-ons:


Tire Brite $4.00

A silicone dressing application that gives your tires that shiny “wet” look.

Add Tire Brite



Wheel Brite $3.00

A non-caustic foaming wheel cleaner that removes brake dust.

Add Wheel Brite

Polish & Wax $2.00

An online spray wax application that protects your paint.

Add Polish & Wax


Underbody Flush $2.00

A low pressure water jets that spray and clean the under carriage of your vehicle.

Add Underbody Flush

Rain-X $3.00

Increases visibility on your windshield by making the water bead and run off the windows.

Add Rain-X


Cup Holder Cleaning $2.00

Cleaning of your vehicle cup holders.

Add Cup Holder Cleaning

Various Merchandise

We also have a wide variety of merchandise you can choose from, such as rubber/cloth mats, wind shield washer fluids, air fresheners and much more.

Additional Services
*minimum of exterior car wash must be purchased.

Head Light Restoration: $30

Includes Exterior Wash, Headlights are wet-sanded to remove that faded “yellow” surface dirt. Then resealed to a nice new finish.

Add Head Light Restoration

Chrome Wheels Polished: $20

Includes Exterior Wash, clean and polish of the chrome wheels is performed by hand.

Add Chrome Wheels Polish

Restore Exterior Vinyl Trim: $15

Includes Exterior Wash and cleaning/polish of the plastic vinyl trim found mostly on SUV’s that wraps around entire vehicle towards the bottom.

Add Restore Exterior Vinyl Trim

Floor mat Shampoo/Steam Clean

Shampoo and steam clean 1 mat for $5 or all 4 mats for $10.

Add Floor mat Shampoo/Steam Clean


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